Suspension for your feet

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G8 Performance Insoles - Suspension for your feet

G8 Performance insoles have been designed to mimic the natural biomechanics of the foot providing a flexible spring that supports its every move. They promote overall foot health by increasing strength and flexibility throughout the plantar region, evoke maximum proprioceptor feedback and response and increase the force transferal at the point of impact.

Engineered to go the distance, G8’s help to reduce injury, provide comfort and support and ultimately lead to greater sports performance.


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Heat mouldable, fully customisable. This is the ultimate in heat mouldable insoles.

1800 Series

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4 arch heights, 5 different positions for each foot, 400 possible combinations.

2600 PRO

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5 arch heights, 7 different positions for each foot, 1,225 possible combinations.