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Jason English
Current World Solo 24-hour champion

G8 Current World Solo 24-hour champion and Australian elite athlete Jason English has smashed new titles at WEMBO in Finale Ligure, Italy, wearing the innovative sports technology, G8 Performance Arch Supports. Part of the G8 Elite, a group of athletes who are already using G8s ARCHTECH™ technology to enhance their game, English has seen the direct impact of the product on his race times at the World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships.


Wai Mun
Elite Track Cyclist / Rowing Champion

Wai Mun is the only Singapore rower to qualify and compete at the 2010 Asian Games. He continues to pursue his ultimate goal of qualifying for the Olympics. With the help of Singapore Cycling, Wai was warmly introduced to the cycling track by Murray Hall and Track Cycling WA. Wai hopes to inspire the young generation of Singaporeans to not be bounded by social norms, live the life they choose to live and pursue their sporting dreams.


Timothy Lim
Elite Cyclist - OCBC Singapore Continental Cycling Team

Timothy is a member of the professional OCBC Singapore Continental Cycling Team. He has represented Singapore in The Asian Cycling Championships in Malaysia (2012) and Dubai (2010). He has also raced in UCI races across the globe including Australia, France and across Asia.

Timothy is also the lead bike fitter at FITSKÜUL in Singapore, has a passion for customized frame building and is vehemently spreading the word about the benefits of G8 Performance ARCHTECH™ insoles. He’s in the game. We’ll help keep him there. 


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Heat mouldable, fully customisable. This is the ultimate in heat mouldable insoles.

1800 Series

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4 arch heights, 5 different positions for each foot, 400 possible combinations.

Pro Series
2620 PRO

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5 arch heights each with 11 positions for each foot, 3,025 possible combinations.